sonic dash 2 sonic boom guide

After the successful Sonic Dash game on the public. Sega does not let this chance pass by. Right away they created the sequel to the game called Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom. Of course, the difference between the previous series is the additional characters, new graphics improvement, and a new stage. Unfortunately, it is not the main objective for us right now. Our purpose is to give you Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom guide to know about the basic information within this game.

Every Character Have Different Special Move

sonic dash 2 sonic boom special power

The best about Sonic game is every character has different special move. So, you can choose your favorite character. For example, Sonic can run really fast if he activates the special skill. It is really beneficial if you run in the stage which has a time limit. Learn all the character skill is a must. Because you can take advantages of it.

Which One is the Most Important, Gold Ring or High Score?

For common people, they will aim for the high score because this is the main purpose of an endless running game like this. They do not care about the gold ring. For us, we choose the gold ring instead. This is the important things to upgrade your character’s status. After you maxed out the character upgrade, you can get the high score easily. But, it all depends on your playstyle. Which one do you want to focus?

Red Star Rings

So, what is the difference between this item and the gold rings? Of course, the function and the colors (LOL). There are many functions which you can use such as purchase new character, continue running even though you already lost, and buy an event ticket to enter a special event. That is why we recommend you to save it and use it if you really need it.


sonic dash 2 sonic boom sprites

What is it anyway? It is a tiny fairy to accompany in your run. There many special effects which you can get if you bring it to the stage. One of the useful skill is ring magnet which absorbs all gold ring in the stage for a short period of time. The developer already prepared 45 sprites that you can collect in this game.

Blue Orbs

In order to unleash your special skill, you need Blue Orbs to fill the skill gauge. You can find these orbs scattered around the stage. Be sure to pick it up if you meet one. This is the only way to fill in the gauge. That is why you cannot miss this great chance.

Final Words

All the basic information you need to know about this game already provided above. Now, you do not need to afraid when playing this game anymore. Because you already know the common information about it. Now, grab your phone and start running with Sonic and his gang!


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