rollercoaster tycoon touch review

Are you dreaming of building a theme park of your own? We do not have to be rich in order to realize it. All we need is just a smartphone to play the best theme park building game entitled RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch. The developer Atari has brought this game to the mobile following the success of its PC version. The game is quite attractive and really interesting to play because a game like this is not much available on mobile.


rollercoaster tycoon touch gameplay

We could say that the gameplay is quite simple but very addictive where we build and manage a great theme park of our own with lots of coasters, rides, and decorations. And of course, the goal is to make the visitors happy to enjoy the attractions in our park and make more money as well. Then, we also need to upgrade all of the things in our park in order to get a lot of improvements.

Card Pack

Card Pack is very important in this game as it is used to unlock more coasters, rides, and decorations as well as to upgrade each of those things. There are many ways to get this thing. We can get a card pack for free after a few hours, by watching a video of advertisement, and by clearing the missions. Besides, we can also buy it directly from the shop of we cannot wait too much longer.


The missions can be cleared after we have done something such as spending some Coins, upgrade something, and etc. There are a lot of missions that we can find and clear. And after we clear a mission, we will get a reward like Coins, card pack, XP, and ticket.

Shop and the Other Facilities

Besides of the attractions that can be built in our park, we can also build some shops and the other facilities like burger stand, lemonade cart, toilet, and much more. Moreover, building those buildings is really helpful as they will gain us more income.


As we said before that we can decorate our park in order to make it looks more beautiful and comfortable to visit. A decoration like trees, garden, water fountain, and etc are available.


We can choose the price of the ticket to enter our park, shops, attractions, and restaurants ourselves. But, do not give a too expensive price as it will affecting the mood of our visitors.


rollercoaster tycoon touch graphics

For this aspect, we should not worry a thing because the graphics are just one of a lot of good things in this game. Although it is just a mobile game, the graphics are so outstanding. The 3D graphics are very similar to the games that we used to see in a game console. The details are very amazing as well where we can see the beautiful environment and the visitors around the park.

Final Words

With a great and addictive gameplay and mesmerizing graphics like that, RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch is really suitable for the people who love to play a park building game. We can guarantee that you will not regret to play this game.


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