ro idle poring guide

Once again Ragnarok game back again. This time, the main enemy is not a monster but a Poring. We are sure you know this pink ball, right? That is the mascot of Ragnarok game. Right now Poring has their own game which released on a smartphone. The game available for Android and iOS. Now, we will give you RO Idle Poring guide to make it more perfect.

Best Class

ro idle poring class

There are three best classes which we consider you must use at all cost. There are Swordsman, Archer, and Magician. You can focus on this three class. And change it depends on the situation you face. For the brute strength, Swordsman is the best. For the long range and quick movement, Archer is the best choice. Last but not least, the magician class which excels in magic power and AOE (Area of Effect) attack.

How to Obtain a Lot of EXP?

Fight against the boss in a certain stage is the most efficient method. Do not forget to bring a healing item because it is quite important. Remember, if you lose the battle, you will only get a half of the EXP. It will only waste your energy you have to pay when entering the stage. We almost forgot you can use accelerate system to increase your attack by 10%. Only certain area which has that kind of system though.

About Pets

ro idle proing pets

In order to obtain a pet, you need to obtain each piece on the map. Sometimes, when you finish a stage you will get one of the pieces. Pet in this game is really important. It will buff your character status and you will get an extra skill. There is a certain pet which you can only equip to a specific class. Just focus on the pet which suitable for your character.

Obtain More Reward

If you want to get better equipment, and useful items, you must clear all daily task. What we like from this one is the task is not really hard to complete. Most of the task will involve around killing a certain monster. If you cannot complete all mission, the mission will be reset for the next day.


The last one is about gems. This one like an additional item which you equip on your weapon. There are many great effects to make your weapon stronger with this gems. The only way to get it through the raid mode. We recommend you choose the one which can deal a status damage like a burn, paralyze, poison, and etc.

Final Words

Well if you have a good strategy, this game is piece of cake. Hopefully, our RO Idle Poring Guide can help you to understand the mechanism in this game. Keep playing and become the badass player right away


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