To whom who play Clash of Clans, they should be questioned about what happened to this game. Actually, we also got confused because of this game because it was really popular for the first time and also a few years ago. This could be called as the legend of an android game.

Unfortunately, this won’t stay long as there are many games who can competition this game. This game is getting down day by day because there are many players who already feel bored because of this game.

The Reason Why Many Players Are Leaving this Game?

As we stated before, this game is kinda boring to play because of the similar gameplay. There is no change of the game feature. We have been adapted to the game. That is why we do not meet something new from this game.

Not only that one but this game also takes a serious of pay to win scheme. If we do not spend our money to play this game. It would be really hard to be on the top of the leaderboard. That is why they are who are new, they tend to leave this game because the progress is really hard.

Is There Any Way to Make This Game Popular Again?

Of course, it can, but it is rather difficult than building this from the new one. We have to be innovative while making a game and Supercell must do it also. Do not just think from the profit side but they have to think about how to make players feel that they cannot leave this game under any circumstances.

Is this game worth to play? Of course, it depends on yourself whether you think this one is eligible or not. Just keep in your mind, play only the game which can have multiple modes because it can make us feel more exciting while playing it.


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