naruto shippuden ultimate-ninja blazing guide

Naruto Shippuden fans must be waiting for the game version for a mobile platform to release. And Bandai Namco has realized it for us by releasing the game entitled Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Blazing. The gameplay is very addicting and the graphics are very awesome. So, this is a must game to play especially for real fans of Naruto. But, before you play it, make sure you do not miss the guide that we will share below so you will not confuse while playing it.

Beginners Guide

Here, we will give you all the basic information that you have to know by guiding you in the right way. We have some points to discuss and hopefully, these can help you a lot. Now, let us check it out!

Combat System

The combat in this game divided into some stages and there are three waves in each stage. In the first two waves, we will only meet the basic opponents before we face the boss in the third or last wave. During the combat, we can play it manually or choose to let it play automatically.

combat system

We can unleash the Ninjutsu techniques of our characters when we have the right amount of chakra. So, make sure to keep it while battling weaker opponents and only use it when it is necessary.

Combat Items

While battling in the combat, we will get a lot of attacks which will decrease our characters’ health and the chakra that is used to unleash the Ninjutsu techniques will also be decreased by the time. But, we do not need to worry as we can refill it by taking the combat items like health and chakra potion that will refill our health and chakra.

Forming a Team

When forming a team, we can bring up to six characters at once. But, there will be two different rows available where the first row is for the characters that will appear at the beginning of a stage. And the second row is for the characters that can be swapped when we need them. And there is an additional row which available to bring our friend’s characters.

Elements Effectiveness and Non-effectiveness

There are five different elements which available in this game and each character posses some elements on them. And each element has their effectiveness and non-effectiveness against each other. Below here, we will give a short explanation about it.

the elements cycle

  • Heart >> Strong against Skill and Weak against Body.
  • Body >>Strong against Heart and Weak against Skill.
  • Skill >> Strong against Body and Weak against Heart.
  • Bravery >> Strong and Weak against Wisdom.
  • Wisdom >> Strong and Weak against Bravery.

Overall, there is no element which superior in this game as they have their own strength and weakness.


Actually, this game is easy to understand although there are so many things that we should know. But, we really sure that you can understand it very well after checking out our Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Blazing guide above.


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