ludo king review

Last time, we have reviewed a park builder game entitled DragonVale World. If you have not seen it, you can click the link above. Now, we would like to give a review of an old board game which appears on Android and iOS platform entitled Ludo King. This game is really entertaining and it will make us remember the golden memories while we playing it as a kid.


If you have played a Ludo board game before, you must be familiar with this one. In Ludo King, we can play up to four players in a single game. There are four colors to choose and we have four pawns to get to the finish line. Players will take-turn to throw the dice in the beginning. The one with the biggest number will go first.

ludo king gameplay

Then, in order to move our pawns, we need to throw the dice on each turn. We can move it based on the number that we get. And if we get six, we can throw it once again. After the pawn has surrounded the board and arrive at the line with the same color as our pawns, we need to get the right number in order to reach the finish line. And so on with the other three pawns.

Game Modes

This game will not make us get bored easily as it has four modes that will accompany us in filling our spare time. The modes like vs computer, local multiplayer, online multiplayer, and play with friends are all available here. If we want to play alone, we can duel the computer in vs computer mode, and if we want to duel with the real players, we can try the local and online multiplayer or play with friends mode. All of the modes can be played up to four players at once.

Snakes and Ladders

snakes and ladders

Besides of the Ludo board game, there is still one game that you must already know while playing Ludo, the snakes and ladders. As we know, Ludo board also has this kind of game on the back of the board so we can change it whenever we get bored with the Ludo game. And it also available in this app. The rules are still the same with the snakes and ladders on the board and this one also has similar game modes with the Ludo.


Although this game is quite simple, we can still enjoy the 2D graphics which is very good to see. The use of colors in this game is very eye-catching because it is so colorful. The details on the board are really good and are similar to the board version.


If you would like to nostalgic with a game that you used to play as a kid, Ludo King should be the one that you have to try. This game is really addicting and it will entertain us a lot. Now, let us install this game and play with our friends.


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