lara croft go review

Who does not know Tomb Raider? The greatest adventures game on the console. We are sure you wonder why the title is not Tomb Raider why its Lara Croft instead. Actually, Lara Croft is the main character in the game. Rather than using the original title which is Tomb Raider, Square Enix wants to give a different sensation. So, what kind of gameplay this one offers? Rest assured, we already created Lara Croft Go review for you to reveal all the information

About the Gameplay

Like your usual Tomb Raider game, it combines adventure and puzzle genre into one. The only difference your exploration in this game is limited. Unlike the console one which you can run and walk freely. In order to start the game, just tap the “Diary” icon on the home screen. After that, you will explore a ruin. Each ruin has many parts which you need to finish before you can move forward.

Puzzle Section

lara croft go puzzle gameplay

The puzzle section in this one is not really challenging, you can solve it easily. The key to solving it you must explore all the available road to find the hint. For example, in the beginning of the game, you must reveal a secret path to continue your journey. Remember, you cannot jump, that is why you need to find a secret way for your character to pass through.

Fighting Section

lara croft gameplay battle

Do not need to forget there is also a fighting part. You can use your knife or gun. For you information, gun in this game has an unlimited ammo. So, just use it because this is the most effective one. Sometimes, it is also required to use your weapon to solve the puzzle in the game. That is why you must be ready anytime.

The Features

lara croft go features

> Addictive gameplay which makes you love the game even more.

> Awesome ruins design which you need to explore.

> Extra content after you cleared certain ruin. This is the best method to find a great item to help your journey.

> Outstanding 2D graphics.

> Available on all Mobile platform such as Android, iOS, and Windows

Our Thought

At first look, this game is really dull, we cannot blame you for thinking like that. Because we also feel the same. After we try it a bit, we take back what we said before. This one is really great, through the simpleness it can offer an addictive gameplay which hard to forget.


Score: 80

You will not disappoint with the gameplay. You can trust us because we already tried it before. Through the simpleness, it can deliver an awesome experience to all users. This game also already won the best smartphone game award in 2016.


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