dynasty warriors unleashed guide

It seems Dynasty Warriors franchise want to spread their wings on a mobile game. As the result, all the veteran player who previously played this game really enjoy this one. From the graphics aspects and gameplay is really superb. But, you cannot explore the huge map like before. Your movement in this game is very limited. That is enough for the brief review about it. Let us go to the main topic which is Dynasty Warriors Unleashed guide to obtain rare heroes.

Rare Heroes Guide

dynasty warriors unleashed rare heroes

Have a rare hero is a dream of all people who play Dynasty Warriors game. Here, we will tell you all you need to do in order to get rare heroes.

Free Draws

What you need to do first is take advantage of free draws. Each day, this game will provide you free hero summon. If you do it 10x or more, you will guarantee to get rare hero once. After that, the countdown will be reset. That is why, everytime you login to the game, you need to check this out at all cost.

Join a Guild

Do not randomly join a guild. You must look the one who still active because you will get the benefits also. The main objective you join the guild is to buy the heroes shard which sells in the guild exclusive shop. Not only that but also you can buy power-up item to power up your heroes even more.

Finish a Quest

dynasty warriors unleashed quest

Sometimes, if you finish a quest, you will get a rare hero which is really great. Of course, you can select the hero that you want. But, we think it is better than nothing. There are two types of quest which you can complete, daily quest and weekly quest. We recommend you finish the daily because it only appears once a day. The next day, it will be reset and you need to do it from the beginning. You will also get the Ingot which is the main currency of this game. You can use that to summon new heroes in summon shop.

Special Event

Another method which you can try to get a rare hero. This only appears for a limited time. When you see it, just finish it immediately. Usually, you get a rare hero depend on the event. In order to get it, you need to finish the special stage. It is quite hard to complete especially the boss. You need to bring your friends to seek their help.

Use the In-App-Purchase

If you really love this game, just pay the hero you want with in-app-purchase to get it immediately. We recommend you wait until you get a special offer. You will not only get the hero but also the free Ingot. This is the quickest steps if you want to get your favorite hero. We do not insist you to use this one, the choice is yours.


Get a rare hero in this game is not really hard. If you know the ways how to obtain it, you will get it anytime you want. Hopefully, Dynasty Warriors Unleashed guide can help you to get it.


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