dragonvale world review

DragonVale World is the second generation of DragonVale, a game about raising and taking care of dragons as well as developing a park full of dragons. The game has developed a lot since its predecessor not only from the gameplay aspect but also the graphics as well. So, what makes this one so great compared to the first title? Keep calm and check this out because we have prepared everything that you need to know.

dragonvale world park

How About the Gameplay?

As we said in the beginning that this game is about raising dragons and developing a park. It is quite different with the other dragon raising games out there like Dragon Mania Legends and friends since this one has no battle system at all. We can say that this one is more similar to Jurassic Park where we build a park, feed the dragons, raise them, and make them grow bigger.

dragonvale world gameplay

We start the game with a dragon egg where we need to hatch it and put it in the right habitat. Each dragon that we will obtain has one or two elements such as fire, water, earth, and much more. And each of them has their very own habitat to live where we can generate Coins from it in order to develop the park more.

Dragons Collection

There are more than a hundred of dragons that we can breed and collect. All the cute dragons can be owned throughout hatching eggs and breed the dragons. And we can see our collection in Dragonarium.


We have some goals that we can clear in order to help us to gain good rewards and get to the next level faster. Each time we clear a goal, we will get some Coins and food or Gems which is very needed in this game. The goals are quite easy, we just need to do some easy things.

Develop and Decorate the Park

DragonVale World will push us to develop and decorate the park to become bigger and more beautiful. We can expand the land to broaden our park and clear some obstacles like trees and bushes. Not only that, we can also decorate it with some good decorations from the market like flag and wall.

Cute Graphics

Graphics is one of some aspects that is inviting people to play this game as it uses cute 3D graphics. This aspect is really something and if we take a look closer by zooming in the camera, we can see all the awesome details such as the sleeping or flying dragons, the people on the ground, and the environment around the park which are looks so alive.

The Good

  • Suitable for All Ages.
  • Easy to collect the dragons.
  • The graphics and details are really magnificent.
  • Addicting to play.

The Bad

  • Overall, the first version and this one is quite similar.
  • Graphics are the only thing that has a lot of improvement.
  • Not too much to do except raising the dragons.


We highly recommend this game because it is quite interesting to play and has some improvements in some aspects. We can give 8 out of 10 as the score for this iOS and Android game.


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