crisis action review

Crisis Action is a Multiplayer First Person Shooter/FPS game which published by Hero Games and is available for mobile with Android or iOS platform. Unlike some other mobile version FPS games out there which have a decline in its features, this game is the opposite. We can say that this one is similar or equal to the PC version such as Point Blank and Counter-Strike. So, if you really want to know more about it, check out our Crisis Action review below.


If you ever play the multiplayer FPS game on PC, you must be familiar with this one. The gameplay of Crisis Action is similar to the common FPS game out there. We join a team of 4 and battle the opposite team of 4 as well.

crisis action gameplay

But, there is one thing that makes this one different, it is the Aim Assist feature. With this feature, we will get a hand in aiming our opponents so we just need to fire and it will aim automatically. But, if we want to use our own skill, we can turn this feature off.


Crisis Action has a similar control to the PC version as well where we can jump, crouch, reload and change our weapon fastly. One thing that makes it different is the mobile version uses the touch screen to do all of that and the PC version uses the keyboard button.

But, a big miss of this game is that it has no map which is very important especially for the beginners who still do not understand the maps at all. So, we will get a little bit problem, especially while playing on a big map.

Game Modes

This game offers various of game modes that we can play. Starting from the Solo Mode where we can train our skill with the bots/computer, Multiplayer Mode to play with the other real player online until Ranked Match Mode to show that we are the best by collecting the highest point.

crisis action zombie mode
zombie mode

Besides of those modes, we can play some other modes which can be played based on the map that we are playing on. The modes like Deathmatch, Bomb Mission, Knife Only, and Zombie Mode also available here and they have a different gameplay experience that will make us excited.


The graphics also similar to the PC version where the 3D graphics are not too impressive. Even though, we can still enjoy it. But, do not forget about the details of the environment, the guns, the characters which are quite impressive although there should be some improvements on them.

Overall Game Rating

From all the aspects above, we could give 7.5 as its rating. We give that score because the gameplay is really good although the graphics need some improvements as we have said before.


That is all that we can share in our Crisis Action review. May you get a lot of information from this article. So, let us download this game right now and play it immediately. Maybe we can meet and play together someday.


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