Blazblue Revolution Reburning beginners guide

We are sure some of you never heard of BlazBlue game before. Actually, this one started in PlayStation 3 console as 2D fighting games. Later on, it becomes really phenomenal because how attractive the story of the game along with an easy gameplay which this game provides to new users. Almost every video game console have this game thanks to the popularity of it. Right now, the developer released this game on a smartphone which entitled BlazBlue Revolution Reburning. What kind of gameplay this one offer? Unfortunately, we cannot tell you because it is not our main focus today. Here, we will give you the beginners guide about it.

The Best Hero

blazblue revolution reburning characters list

When the first time you play the game, you will control one character only. The named is Ragna the Bloodedge. From the sound of it, he is really a powerful ally. But, it is true, Ragna is the most powerful character and easy to control for the first time you play the game. If you are a beginner player, we recommend you choose Ragna. But after you become a pro, you can choose Jin Kisaragi or Hazama. This two characters probably the best one for now. The speedy combo which can instantly kill the enemies. In order to get new character either you progress the story chapter or buy it with diamonds to obtain it immediately.

Infinity Tower

This game is fairly new. So, there are not many features implemented yet in this game. One of the exciting features is Infinity Tower. Here, you need to fight an enemy each floor and get a reward depend on the points you already collected. For your information, this is the quickest place to get hero draft to upgrade your all your heroes.

How to Progress in Story Mode?

For the first time you play a game, you must be confused because you cannot proceed further even though you already beat the stronghold (Boss Battle). Actually, it is really simple, you need to collect a key which you get by beating the stronghold. If you already get a certain amount of key, it will unlock the door and let you proceed to the next stage.

Upgrade Your Heroes

blazblue revolution reburning upgrade

Even though this is a fighting game, the developer decides to implement an RPG element into this. You also need to upgrade your character’s equipment and skill.


If you want to upgrade your equipment, you need a coin. Just choose to upgrade it automatically to increase your weapon to the maximum level. Do not forget, the cost also increases too as the result.


This is a special gem which needed to upgrade your character skill. You can easily obtain this one after you completed a stage along with coins. Another function of this one is to get a new skill for your character. Be sure to have a tremendous amount of Seithr.


For the players who confused about this game before, we already provide you the best guide which you can understand easily. Now, do not need to worry anymore when playing this game.


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